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When was the last time you thought about your radiator hoses?

If you’re like us, you probably can’t sleep sometimes because your concerned that your radiator hoses may not be holding up the way they should, right? Okay, so you aren’t like us, but the point is that radiator hoses perform an important job, and there are certain times of the year when they should be checked to be sure they’re in shape to do that job properly. We can do this for you as part of an overall coolant system check.

Each spring and fall, the hoses and clamps should undergo a complete inspection. With hoses, the breakdown often occurs from the inside out, so a thorough inspection should be done to be sure there are no cracks that could develop into leaks. As professionals, we’re trained to inspect your cooling system for problems and remedy them to prevent bigger auto repair.

Don’t attempt cooling system maintenance yourself unless you have experience; even then, use extreme caution. A hot radiator can be a very dangerous piece of equipment. In addition, some cooling systems must be bled properly or air can become trapped in them, which may result in damage. Don’t take chances if you don’t know what you’re doing. Bring your cooling system to us in Vista, CA and then we’ll all sleep a little easier at night.