Tips And Tricks

Want to save gas?

Sure you do! Who doesn’t? Here are ten ways to use less gas and keep your car running smoothly:

  1. In good weather, ride your bike or take a walk to any place that’s close enough.
  2. Watch for deals on gas, whether you are in Oceanside, CA or not, and fill up your car(s) and your gas cans when the price is down.
  3. Share rides with others when you can. By setting up car pools or picking up your neighbor’s groceries, you can all save gas and money while helping each other out.
  4. If you can, stagger the time you start at work to avoid maximum traffic. Working at home whenever possible can make a huge difference.
  5. When you take off from a light, speed up slowly. Jackrabbit starts are bad for gas mileage and your engine. Sticking to the speed limit won’t hurt either and can prevent wear that leads to auto repair .
  6. Dump the excess load from your car. Is it really necessary to lug the entire football team’s equipment around all week long? We didn’t think so.
  7. If your car isn’t high performance, you don’t need the highest-octane gasoline. Stick with regular and pocket the difference.
  8. Keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure. Don’t over- or underinflate.
  9. Try to use your air conditioning as little as possible, since it will hurt your gas mileage. On the other hand, driving at high speeds with the windows open isn’t good either, so juggle your AC use to gain the best mileage.
  10. Regular tune-ups and maintenance checks keep your car in top running order, and that means better gas mileage and a smaller bill at the pump.