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Shopping vs. Servicing

Shopping vs. Servicing

People have very strong feelings about purchasing new cars - they either love it or hate it. Ironically, statistics show that women tend to enjoy the experience more than men. Nearly ten percent more women than men felt shopping for a new car was a positive experience, and women accounted for fewer than half the number of men who hated the chore.

Why do so many people - 15 percent of men and 7 percent of women - dislike car shopping so much? According to polls, dealing with salespeople, negotiating the final cost, and taking that amount of time to shop and arrange financing are the most common reasons for distaste. Although about a fifth of all Americans despise new car shopping, 16.3 million new cars were sold in this country in 2009.

Interestingly, only about 35 percent of those new cars go back to the dealerships where they were purchased for service. Once the warranty runs out, this number drops significantly. More than 60 percent said that cost was the reason. Nearly 25 percent noted the inconvenience of the location of the dealership.

We’d like to suggest that many of these people know the advantages of choosing an independent repair shop where they can receive quality car care at a reasonable price. Our trained technicians and North County Import Specialist are knowledgeable about cars and happy to provide you with the customer service you deserve. It’s no wonder more new car owners choose this type of service, and we’re happy that you do any work from general auto repair to auto electrical repair, you name it.