Tips And Tricks

Save your CLUTCH!

You love your manual-shift car, but you hate the idea of replacing the clutch, right? Well, the best way to hang onto a clutch as long as possible is to avoid abusing it.

One way that people abuse clutches is to downshift through the gears to slow their cars down. You know, you’re buzzing along in fourth, and there’s a corner coming. Instead of simply using the brake, you hit the clutch and downshift to slow the car. By doing so, you’re simply putting more wear and tear on your clutch, hastening the need to replace it.

Instead, depress the clutch and use the brake at the same time to slow down, and then shift. Use the brake to slow down, and depress the clutch after you turn to select the appropriate gear.

Remember, the less you use your clutch, the longer it will last and NCIS in Vista, CA and Oceanside, CA won’t have to fix it as soon. Spare it now and save money later on.