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Road Rage - How to Avoid Serious Problems on the Road

All of us at one time or another have probably been a victim of road rage or maybe even been a perpetrator. How can you avoid falling into the road rage trap? It's hard to really take your emotions out of driving because in your car, especially in big cities like Vista, CA and Oceanside, CA, you are practically anonymous. This is what gives rise to road rage, the anonymity of the drivers and also the feeling of stress trying to get where you are going. Add to those feelings a few careless or lost drivers cutting you off and your temper could be boiling in no time.

So, let's look at the components of road rage starting with stress. Before you get in your car and start feeling crazy, try to do a few simple things:

  1. Leave before you really need too, give yourself 10 minutes extra. If you get there early you can make a phone call or check your facebook account.
  2. Leave the electronics out of your hands. Don't be a distracted driver and try to answer your cell phone or make a text.
  3. Put your makeup on or do your electric shaver at home.
  4. Leave your coffee alone and in the cup holder.
  5. Play soothing music or none at all.

Seriously, a few of these suggestions sound annoying. Since when do you have 10 extra minutes in the day? And isn't the "to go" coffee for the car? "Never" and "yes" are the answers to the questions above. Try it and see if it calms your driving knowing you have a little extra time or you are not distracted by other things.

Next component, other drivers that are causing the problems. No matter what is happening around you, concentrate on your driving and the cars in front and beside you. Do not look at a person that is trying to "rage" on you. Ignoring a "road rager" is the simplest way to avoid any further incidents and auto repair due to accidents. Even trying to gesture something akin to "sorry" can be taken the wrong way and can incite the aggravated driver further. Do not engage other drivers in signaling and do not get out of your car or follow another person. If you are being followed, go to a police or fire station.

If someone needs to merge at the last minute or get in front of you, then let them. Sometimes the simplest thing will help the whole traffic mess go smoother. Yes, they may be the seasoned commuter that is trying to jump the lane at the last minute, but the reality is more likely that they are unfamiliar with the area and need to get over at the last minute. Give the other driver the benefit of the doubt and let them in and it will be a lot easier on your nervous system. Likewise, if you are the unaware driver and have to get over, signaling and giving a friendly wave can go a long way in trying to soothe taut nerves.

Road rage does not have to be the norm during your drive time. If you continue to find yourself irrationally angry at other drivers and over-stressed then seek anger management help. Or, conversely, if you tend to be the victim of road rage a lot, then check your driving skills and what you are actually doing in your car. Put down the phone, be aware of signs and signals, and learn to merge correctly.

Until next time, happy driving from your friends at North County Import Specialist.