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Do you really need a new car?

Your odometer is approaching 100,000 miles, and you're wondering if the time to purchase a new vehicle is here. You look ahead at the possible miles you expect to put on during the holiday season and you know you'll be topping that magic number soon. On the other hand, the car runs well; you've taken good care of it getting work done such as engine repairs when needed. It would be nice not to have payments on a new or newer car. You're thinking "Maybe I can keep this one in good shape and hang on to it for a while," but you aren't quite sure.
Many people are opting to hang on to their cars a little longer than they once did. There are a number of reasons for this. One is that rust protection technology has improved tremendously. This means that automotive bodies and undercarriages are retaining their looks and integrity.
Another is the fact that engines are better built as well, and made to last much longer. If you take good care of your car by having the proper maintenance checks and work done, you can find an odometer turning 200,000 in a car that is still going strong and not in need of major repairs like transmission repair. Coupled with these better-running vehicles is the cost of new cars. A new minivan, for instance, that would cost around $16,000 in the early '90s could be listed at $10,000 - $15,000 more today.
If you do decide to keep your car, we can help you keep it running smoothly. Older engines require a different level of care. As with everything, age can affect parts. Seals may dry out, deposits build up, and wear takes its toll. Lubrication is more important with older engines. Oils specifically formulated for this purpose have been developed. These can help to clean and protect, prevent leaks, and condition engine parts. A regular maintenance schedule designed with your car in mind can make all the difference in getting a longer life out of your car. If making your car last longer is your goal, we can work with you to keep it running the way it should and keep you in a vehicle you can rely on for many miles to come.